3 Types of Impersonation Crimes in New York

False representation is a common crime in New York, and you should not under any circumstance impersonate another individual or lie about your identity. There are major legal ramifications to be faced if you steal another person’s credit card, use a fake ID, or steal someone’s identity. Our office can help you if you have received a charge for any of these crimes, and for further information on the matter of impersonation, be sure to watch the videos below.

Impersonation/Identity Theft

In New York, when someone is charged with impersonation—also known as identity theft—this case will be vigorously prosecuted due to the advent of the Internet and credit card fraud. If you are charged with that type of offense, set up a consultation with our office so that we can review your charges together in person.

Using Fake Identification

In New York, if you are charged with using fake identification, you will face a serious charge. Sometimes this happens with younger individuals who are under the legal drinking age and have an identification from another state that is false or forged. But regardless of the bearer’s age, these are serious charges, and they will be vigorously prosecuted.

Using a Stolen Credit Card

If you are charged with using or even in possession of a stolen credit card in New York, this is a felony charge. You could be sentenced to state prison time. Depending on your background and how the card was used, it could be a serious charge—and with very serious consequences.