Cell Phone Violations in New York | What You Need to Know

Everybody knows it’s wrong to text and drive, however, many people still do it, for various reasons. That being said, if you are facing a cell phone violation in New York State, you are looking at very serious consequences, which is why you must continue reading and retain the services of an experienced Rockland County traffic violations attorney who can work to fight those charges. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What happens if I am charged with texting and driving in New York?

If you are someone who was allegedly caught texting and driving, or you were otherwise charged with using a cellular device that was not hands-free, there is a very good chance that you will face various serious penalties as a result. Those penalties are as follows:

  • First offense: You may face a fine from anywhere between $50 and $200, and you will also receive 5 points on your driver’s license.
  • Second offense within 18 months of a previous violation: You may face a fine anywhere between $50 and $250, and you will also receive 5 points on your driver’s license.
  • Third or subsequent offense cell phone violation within 18 months: You will face a fine ranging from $50 to $450, and you will also receive 5 points on your driver’s license.

What happens if I receive points on my license?

When someone receives points on their license, it can have a drastic impact on their life–perhaps more than they may realize. For example, if you receive 6 or more points on your license within 18 months, you will have to go through the Driver Responsibility Assessment. This is a $100 fine every year for three years. Additionally, if you are someone who receives 11 points on your license, you risk having your license suspended for a certain period of time. Rather obviously, this can affect your ability to retain employment, and it may also have a significant affect on your social life as well. You should also understand that junior drivers or probationary drivers will receive a 120-day license suspension. If you receive an additional ticket within six months of your initial suspension, you may have your driving privileges revoked for at least one year. Our firm is here to help prevent this from happening.

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