Conditional Discharge

If you are criminally charged, you may be facing some serious life-altering consequences. You may be feeling scared and confused about what happens now. In defending you to a court, there can be a desirable outcome by the judge. A conditional discharge is when you are not sentenced for your criminal offense so long as you do not get charged again. If you are to get charged again, you will be sentenced.

Conditional Discharge in New York State

New York is different from other states. Conditional discharges from New York is not the same as New Jersey. A conditional discharge in New York is not a diversionary program, as it is in New Jersey. A conditional discharge is part of a sentence. A judge will sentence you to a conditional discharge indicating to you that there are several conditions that you have to meet in order for your sentence to be successfully completed.

The first conditional that you will have to meet is you have to stay out of trouble for at least a year. It might be longer. There might be other conditions of your conditional discharges: paying fines, surcharges, etc. There might be community service or restitution involved. Be aware if your sentence has a conditional discharges in it in the state of New York, it’s not the same as other states.

You will want to discuss this with an attorney based in New York State who can explain the particular conditional discharge and what it entails.

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