Governor Cuomo Appoints Task Force to Ensure NY Bars & Restaurants Are Following Coronvirus-Related Protocol

In response to the coronavirus pandemic and various storefronts now finally reopening to the public, Governor Cuomo has recently appointed a task force in New York State to ensure bars and restaurants are all abiding by the various social distancing/coronavirus-related safety measures. Unfortunately, there have been numerous cases reported of various businesses violating these orders. These businesses are now facing very serious ramifications for doing so.

Referring to appointing this new task force, Governor Cuomo said, “We are very proud of what New Yorkers did to flatten the curve of the virus, but we have to protect our progress because no one wants to do that again. That’s why we’re watching the bar and restaurant violations and the congregations in front of these establishments, as we believe it’s connected to the increased infection rate with young people. We’ve tasked the State Liquor Authority and the State Police to help local governments more aggressively enforce the law and they are doing just that, with dozens of violations found last night alone.”

That being said, between July 21 and July 23, only two days, the task force investigated over 1,100 bars and restaurants throughout the state and came up with 84 violations of various coronavirus safety measures. The consequences for breaking these laws are severe, with many restaurants facing up to $10,000 in fines per person, and many restaurants also having their liquor licenses suspended, which, rather obviously, is very bad for business. If you are someone who recently faced charges for violating coronavirus-related safety measures, please do not hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable Rockland County criminal defense attorney today to learn more about how our firm can help you through the legal process ahead.

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