How Do I Get A Gun Permit In New York State?

New York State is known for its harsh gun laws. When people do not abide by those laws, they receive gun charges, which frequently result in years in jail. Below, you will learn more about obtaining a gun permit legally so that you do not face such charges in the future. However, if you do, our Rockland County criminal defense attorney is here to help. Read on to learn more about gun permits in New York State.

Are there different gun permits available in New York State?

There are various types of gun permits, though the three most common firearm licenses in New York include carry concealed, possess on-premises, and possess, or carry during employment. The price of these permits depends on the county you live in–they are essentially all different. You should also note that in many cases, the gun permit process generally takes about 4 months for completion.

Do I qualify for a gun permit?

To obtain a gun permit, you will first have to meet several criteria. Individuals cannot be any younger than 21 years old, they must not have a criminal record, have a legally-recognized reason for wanting a permit, and must be of “good moral character.” In some cases, you may be wrongly denied your right to a gun permit.

What is the gun permit process like in New York?

If you are looking to obtain a gun permit, it may seem like a long road ahead. There are several phases of the process, which are as follows: If you live in New York City, Suffolk or Nassau County, you will have to apply to the police commissioner. In other cases, those who live in Upstate New York must apply to the County Court, either through the sheriff, court clerk, or county clerk. If you are someone who lives in the easternmost part of Suffolk County, you will have to apply to the sheriff. When you apply, you will be required to submit information regarding your competency and whether you are legally permitted to own a weapon. Some of this information can include your date of birth, Social Security Number, address. And, of course, your name. Additionally, they will need to know whether you have a criminal record, your mental health history, and obtain character references. If all goes smoothly, you should have your permit in a matter of months.

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