Rikers Island Will Release 300 Inmates to Slow Spread of the Coronavirus

In the past week, Mayor Bill de Blasio made an announcement that 300 non-violent elderly inmates that have less than one year left in their sentence will be released from prison early in an effort to halt the spread of the new coronavirus within the prison. You should note, however, that these inmates are non-violent and have at least five preexisting conditions, making them more vulnerable to the virus. Recently, Rikers Island prison saw a massive outbreak in the new coronavirus, ending in one Corrections Officer’s fatality.

That being said, the inmates who will be released have not been convicted of violent or sexual offenses. In a news conference, Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “We want to identify anyone in those categories and get them released immediately. It is a very complicated dynamic, it’s one that we’ve literally never dealt with before. I’m listening to all the input … But I want to make very clear that I’m making the ultimate decisions, taking in the advice from all these different sources and doing what I think is the right thing for this city.”

Though here at The Law Office of Carl Spector, we cannot predict the future, we imagine more prisons will begin to follow suit, especially as the virus quickly spreads through various NYC jails. Of course, we will keep you updated as we learn more.

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