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Sex crimes are among the most serious charges in New York State. These offenses can result in significant consequences including years of imprisonment, sex offender registration, and the long-term burdens of a criminal record. If you have been charged with a sex crime in Rockland County, you must retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can effectively protect your future. The Law Office of Carl Spector has over 30 years of experience representing clients who are facing serious criminal charges. Our firm has the skill and knowledge necessary to protect you from an uncertain future. Contact The Law Office of Carl Spector today to discuss your case.

Sex Crimes in New York

The term “sex crimes” encompasses a wide range of offenses. These are all taken very seriously in New York State and can result in serious, long-term consequences. Some of the various sex crimes that our firm has experience handling include the following:

  • Misdemeanors, such as sexual misconduct, forcible touching, sexual abuse in the second degree, and sexual assault in the third degree
  • Felonies such as rape, sexual abuse in the first degree, aggravated sexual abuse, child sexual abuse, and predatory sexual assault

New York’s Sex Offender Registration Act

Sex offenses can come with very significant consequences. If convicted, you will most likely have to register as a sex offender, as well as spend multiple years in jail. In New York State, the Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) requires that all sex offenders register with the state registry. This registry will provide the community with information regarding any sex offenders. There are three levels of sex offenders that dictate how long individuals will stay on the registry. The breakdown of sex offender levels is as follows:

  • Level 1 offenders are low risk and will be placed on a private registry that is only accessible to law enforcement registries for 20 years.
  • Level 2 offenders are moderate risk offenders that will be placed on a public registry for life.
  • Level 3 offenders are high-risk offenders who will also remain on a public registry for life.

Contact a New York State Sex Crime Attorney

If you have been charged with a sex crime in New York State, you need a legal team you can count on to effectively represent your interests. The Law Office of Carl Spector has proudly served clients in Rockland County for over 30 years when they are facing serious criminal charges. With so much of your future at stake, such as imprisonment, SORA registry, and fines, you need an attorney with the skill and experience it takes to protect your future. For strong legal representation when you need it most, contact The Law Office of Carl Spector today.

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