Rockland County Traffic Violations Attorney

Rockland County Traffic Violation Attorney

Traffic Violations Attorney in Suffern, NY

For over 30 years, The Law Office of Carl Spector has proudly represented clients across Rockland County who have been issued a traffic ticket. Whether you were issued a ticket for speeding, reckless driving, cell phone use, or driving without a valid license, it is essential that you have strong legal representation on your side. These offenses are often accompanied by overwhelming financial burdens, such as fines and increased insurance premiums. If you have been issued a traffic violation in New York State, it is important to consider your legal options. For strong legal representation from a qualified traffic violations attorney, contact The Law Office of Carl Spector today.

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At some point in nearly everyone’s driving career, there is a high chance that they will be issued at least one ticket for committing a traffic violation. At The Law Office of Carl Spector, we understand the harsh consequences that are associated with offenses of this nature. Some of the many traffic violations we can represent you for include the following:

  • Speeding
  • Cell Phone Violations
  • Reckless Driving
  • Driving Without a License

NY Traffic Violation Points System

Type of Violation Points
Speeding 1-10 mph over the speed limit 3
Speeding 11-20 mph over the speed limit 4
Speeding 21-30 mph over the speed limit 6
Speeding 31-40 mph over the speed limit 8
Speeding over 40 mph above the speed limit 11
Reckless driving 5
Failure to stop for a school bus 5
Tailgating 4
Inadequate brakes on a private car 4
Inadequate brakes on an employer’s vehicle 2
Failure to yield to the right of way 3
Disobeying a traffic light, a stop sign or a yield sign 3
Violating a railroad crossing 5
Improper passing or unsafely changing lanes 3
Driving left of center in wrong direction 3
Leaving the scene of an incident that caused property damage 3
Child safety restraint violation 3
Improper cell phone use 5
Texting while driving 5
All other moving violations 2

Contact a Rockland County Traffic Violations Attorney

Have you been issued a ticket for a traffic violation in Rockland County? If so, you can count on The Law Office of Carl Spector to effectively represent your interests and fight to protect you from the points and financial burdens associated with a violation of this nature. Attorney Carl Spector is committed to helping you avoid overwhelming fines, points on your license, and the possibility of increased insurance premiums. If you already have points on your license, it is essential to have strong legal representation to ensure that you will not have your driving privileges revoked. Contact The Law Office of Carl Spector today to learn how we can assist you.

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