School Zone Drug Possession

The sale of most drugs is illegal in the State of New York, and the significance of drug-related crimes is far greater within or near a school zone. Because schools and their immediate environs are intended to be safe spaces, any breach of that safety can constitute criminal activity. If someone you know has been charged with the school zone drug possession or distribution, watch criminal defense attorney Carl Spector’s video below for more information. If you still have questions, contact our office to arrange a free confidential consultation.

In New York, if you are charged with school zone drug possession. also known as possession with intent to sell or distribute within a school zone, there are enhanced penalties, and these can be quite severe. Our office has handled cases like this in the past, and if you have any questions about your particular case or that of a family member or friend, contact our office for more information.

As a former New Jersey Municipal Prosecutor and a former New York City Prosecutor New Jersey criminal defense lawyer Carl Spector has unique experiences that few other attorneys can claim because he has viewed cases from both sides of the fence. And because of this experience, your chances of receiving a positive outcome can be greatly enhanced.

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