What are the drug crime consequences in New York?

Illegal drug possession is taken seriously in New York and comes with harsh penalties and convictions. Drug possession consequences vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the drug and the possession. However, it important to note that all drug crime penalties are severe in New York. Reach out to an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights if you are facing drug crime charges.

What is a Schedule I drug in New York?

New York courts aggressively prosecute Schedule I drug cases as an attempt to crack down on the ongoing opioid crisis in our country. Drugs that are categorized as Schedule I drugs are considered to be dangerous with a high potential for abuse with highly addictive qualities and no medical use.

Heroin is considered a Schedule I drug. Charges can range from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on the amount you were found in possession of. The potential consequences for smaller amounts of heroin possession include a fine and possible jail time. However, for a larger amount of heroin possession, you could face a felony charge as well as longer jail time and larger fines. Consequences for heroin possession will increase if you had an intent to sell the Schedule I drug.

What is a Schedule II drug?

Schedule II drugs have next to no medical benefits and are highly addictive. Some examples of Schedule II drugs are methamphetamine and cocaine. Depending on the substance you are caught with, you may face felony charges or jail time. Felony charges are possible if there was an intent to distribute a Schedule II drug.

Can I go to jail for marijuana possession in New York?

Marijuana has been largely decriminalized in New York. Regardless of any criminal history of possession, you are subject to a $50 fine if you are caught with under an ounce of marijuana and a fine of $200 if you are caught with anywhere between one and two ounces of marijuana. However, it is possible to face serious penalties if you are charged with selling, trafficking, or growing marijuana in New York. It is important to gain the services of an experienced New York criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights if you are facing charges such as this.

Can I go to jail for the possession of prescription drugs?

Depending on the rate of abuse of prescription drugs, they can range from Schedule II to Schedule IV. It is important to understand that because a substance is legal does not make it free from consequences for selling. You may face heavy fines of thousands of dollars plus extended jail time from months to years depending on the degree of the drug crime when you are caught in possession of selling prescription drugs.

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