What You Need to Know About COVID-19 Scams

In the wake of the spread of COVID-19, many people are now finding themselves susceptible to various scams associated with the virus. Some of the most prominent types of theft, fraud, and other scams our firm is seeing are as follows:

  • Charity scams: Many people are now receiving calls and emails regarding assistance to help stop the spread of the new coronavirus, such as donations for testing kits, vaccines, COVID-19 research, and more. Many of these are fraudulent, so you must do extensive research yourself on the company requesting a donation. If someone contacts you asking for cash, it is most likely a fraud.
  • False Medical Bills: People are now receiving calls stating they are doctors or health insurers and demanding they pay certain bills for treatment or testing that they may have or have not received. The bottom line is that you should not give anybody payment without ensuring they are calling/emailing from a reputable source first.
  • Fake medical products/equipment: Unfortunately, we have found several instances wherein scammers are selling fake or knockoff medical supplies online, even through otherwise reputable sources, such as Amazon. Do not believe that you can simply buy a coronavirus testing kit online. Furthermore, many people are selling fake medicine that claims to cure the new coronavirus. These statements are simply untrue, as there has yet to be any medicine, vaccine, or otherwise, that can cure the virus.
  • Price gouging: Though price gouging is illegal, whenever a catastrophe hits, people can expect certain companies to price gouge, forcing individuals to pay ridiculous amounts of money for products in high demand. In this case, those products are face masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and more.
  • Fraudulent Medical Information: Many people are receiving emails claiming they are from the CDC or World Health Organization with purported links to “helpful” information relating to the disease. Unfortunately, these unsuspecting people will click these links, enabling scammers to steal their information.

If you believe you are being wrongly charged with any of the aforementioned scams, you may face years behind bars without the assistance of an attorney. Please reach out to our knowledgeable New York criminal defense attorney for assistance. The Law Office of Carl Spector is here to help.

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