What to Know About Domestic Violence Charges in New York

Domestic violence charges can have lasting impacts on your life and your family’s life. If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is in your best interest to retain an experienced New York criminal defense attorney to fight for your interests. Contact The Law Office of Carl Spector today to get started.

What relationships qualify as domestic violence in New York?

There is a wide range of relationships that fall into the category of “domestic.” These relationships can include the following:

  • Those who are legally married
  • Those who were once married but have separated or divorced
  • Those who have a child together
  • Those who have been involved in a romantic relationship
  • Those who are related by blood or marriage

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Is there a mandatory arrest for domestic violence offenses?

New York takes domestic violence very seriously and holds all offenders accountable for their actions in order to protect victims from more abuse. There is a mandatory arrest in place in certain situations. For example, if a felony was committed, an order of protection has been violated by making contact, and when a person disobeys a protective order by committing a family offense, a mandatory arrest may apply.

What is a Temporary Order of Protection?

If an accusation of domestic violence is made in New York, the victim may be granted a Temporary Order of Protection. Once an arrest has been made, an arraignment occurs and the District Attorney requests the Temporary Order of Protection for the victim. The judge will then make decisions regarding the rules that the abuser must follow and the time that the order is in effect. The judge also has discretion on whether the protection order is necessary. A typical Temporary Order of Protection will last 1 year and can apply through other states as well.

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