What to Look For in a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have a criminal matter on your hands, you need an attorney who can effectively represent your interests so you receive the best possible outcome. Obtaining a criminal record can change someone’s life forever, so choosing an attorney to prevent that is a big decision. Please continue reading to learn more about all the things you should look for in a criminal defense attorney.

  1. Does the attorney exclusively practice criminal law? When choosing an attorney, you must be sure your attorney has experience in the field. One of the best ways to determine this is to ensure your attorney primarily practices criminal law. You wouldn’t hire a personal injury attorney to handle a criminal matter, even though many of them would eagerly take your case. We are dedicated to helping those facing criminal matters and have been for years.
  2. Does your attorney have extensive knowledge of criminal law? Your attorney should have extensive knowledge of the law, and should, at the very least, be able to answer all of your basic questions regarding your criminal matter. If you recently got a DWI, for example, your attorney should know the likely consequences of that charge, and how to fight it.
  3. Is your attorney familiar with the local court system? All courtrooms function differently, which is why you must ensure your attorney has worked within that court system for years. Attorney Spector checks that box as well.
  4. Does the attorney have good online reviews? In the digital age, every business has online reviews, which can be easily accessed through Google. Attorney Spector maintains a 5-star record on Google due to his dedication to his clients’ success.
  5. Does your attorney make you feel comfortable? Of course, when hiring an attorney, your primary concern is whether the attorney truly knows what he or she is doing. However, a good attorney must be more than knowledgeable. When you leave a meeting with your attorney, you should feel more comfortable than when you entered. Your attorney should always keep you informed of any updates concerning your case, he should listen to your input, and you should feel confident that you are always in good hands. Here at our experienced Rockland County criminal defense firm, our goal is to fit that bill, time and time again.

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