What You Need to Know About Domestic Violence Charges in New York

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What is domestic violence in New York?

The state of New York has a broad definition of relationships that qualify under the category of “domestic.” Some relationships that are in this category include, and are not limited to the following:

  • Those who are legally married
  • Those who were once married but have separated or divorced
  • Those who have a child together
  • Those who have been involved in a romantic relationship
  • Those who are related by blood or marriage

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Does New York have a mandatory arrest for domestic violence cases?

A mandatory arrest is put in place in specific circumstances, however, New York will always aim to protect victims of abuse by holding offenders accountable for their actions from the start. In other words, if a felony was committed and an order of protection was violated, a mandatory arrest may apply.

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What is a temporary order of protection?

In the event that an accusation of domestic violence is made in New York, the victim may be allowed a Temporary Order of Protection. After the arrest, an arraignment occurs and the District Attorney asks the Temporary Order of Protection for the victim. The judge will then make arrangements about the rules that the abuser must follow and the time that the order is in effect. The judge also has responsibility on whether the protection order is needed. A typical Temporary Order of Protection will serve 1 year and can apply through other states too.

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