What You Should Know About Expungements in New York

Our firm understands the magnitude a criminal record can have on someone’s life. If you would like to learn about expungements or the sealing process, reach out to our skilled Rockland County criminal defense attorneys today. Our legal team is on your side.

What are expungements in New York?

Unfortunately, criminal records cannot be expunged in New York. But, you may be able to have your record sealed which permits you to make your record private to the public. The difference between expungements and sealing a criminal record is that the sealed record still exists for specific law enforcement agencies’ access while expunging erases all records of the criminal charge or arrest.

What is the sealing process?

The sealing process involves a number of different steps. The first step is to retain the services of a skilled attorney that has specific experience working with the sealing of criminal records.

  1. First, your attorney will file a motion in court.
  2. You will meet and speak with the county clerk who filed and prosecuted you.
  3. Your attorney will assist you with filling out the petition to seal the records form.
  4. If this form is challenged, you will present evidence in a courtroom with the assistance of your attorney.
  5. If it is approved, your record is successfully sealed, which will make your record private to the public.

What crimes are eligible for being sealed in New York?

There are a number of different crimes that can be sealed in New York. Some examples of the crimes that are eligible to be sealed with the assistance of an attorney include the following:

  • Certain marijuana-related crimes
  • Charges with no conviction
  • Non-criminal violations
  • Certain juvenile crimes
  • Certain felonies and misdemeanors
    • In the event that you entered an alcohol or drug treatment program that was mandated by the court, have satisfied any sentences or request mandated after you’ve completed treatment, and have no additional pending charges

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