Will a felony conviction affect my career in New York?

When you are charged with a felony, it is natural to worry about the potential penalties you may face, including hefty fines and jail time. However, it is also imperative to consider the long-term effects of a felony conviction. A felony conviction will result in a criminal record that can follow you for the rest of your life and severely impact your career. If you are facing a criminal conviction, it is in your immediate interest to retain the legal services of a skilled Rockland County Criminal Defense Attorney who can help you avoid harsh penalties and long-term consequences. Please continue reading to learn how a felony conviction affects your career.

How will a felony conviction affect my career in New York?

In today’s society, many employers will immediately terminate an employee if they are convicted of a felony. This is especially true if they are convicted of a crime that demonstrates a moral problem directly related to the job. However, even if they do not terminate your employment, there is still the risk of losing your career as you will have to miss work to attend court and carry out your sentence.

The immediate loss of your job is not the only potential repercussion of a felony conviction, as you may be prohibited from entering certain professions. For instance, if you are charged with a felony offense involving drugs or alcohol, you cannot obtain a job as a commercial driver. Additionally, if you are charged with a sex crime, you will not be able to pursue a career as a teacher, as school districts will not hire those convicted of serious crimes that endanger the children. Ultimately, a felony conviction will limit your job opportunities and career choice.

Moreover, it is nearly impossible for convicted felons to obtain professional licenses and business permits. For example, if you want to practice medicine or law, a felony conviction will hamper your ability to get the professional licenses needed to practice in that field. If you have already obtained a professional license to practice in a specific field, your professional license may be suspended or revoked following a felony conviction. It is also critical to note that finding a decent job with high earning potential will be more challenging as many companies run background checks and are less likely to hire those convicted of a felony.

If you are facing a criminal conviction, contact a talented Rockland County criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Carl Spector today. Our firm is prepared to fight to help you reach reduced or dropped charges to protect your career.