Cuomo-Appointed Task Force Finds More Violations of COVID-Related Laws in Bars, Restaurants

As you know, Governor Cuomo, over the past couple of weeks, has appointed a task force to crack down on bars and restaurants across the state who have violated some of the various COVID-related safety measures put in place, such as limiting the number of patrons in an establishment at a time. Over the past week, this task force has found even more restaurants and bars to be in violation of these safety guidelines, and, as a result, many of them were met with heavy fines, and, in the worst cases, they’ve even had their liquor licenses suspended.

This past Wednesday alone, the task force punished several more establishments, issuing 41 violations and suspending 7 liquor license. As we touched upon last week, each violation is accompanied by a $10,000 fine, which, rather obviously, can be devastating to a business, especially after taking a hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic amid shutdown orders.

Speaking of Wednesday’s violations, in a statement, Governor Cuomo said, “The rising rate of infection among young people and the issue of crowded bars is not unique to New York — the World Health Organization has warned about it, states all across the country are dealing with it, and even the President has said young people should avoid bars — but we are taking decisive action in the Empire State to make sure it does not undermine our progress against the coronavirus. Last night, our task force observed violations at 41 more establishments downstate, and today we are suspending 7 bars from across the state that have flouted coronavirus-related rules. The State Police and State Liquor Authority are doing their jobs — and we need local governments to step up and do theirs.”

Furthermore, State Liquor Authority Chair Vincent Bradley said, “We will continue to hold licensees accountable for protecting New Yorkers’ health and safety in bars and restaurants. New Yorkers have sacrificed to bend the curve of coronavirus, and at a time when dozens of states are seeing cases surge, we all have a shared responsibility to keep this virus at bay.”

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