How Long is Your Driver’s License Suspended for a DUI in New York?

In New York, having a driver’s license is a privilege, not a right. If you operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher, you will be charged with driving while under the influence (DUI). DUI is a serious offense that should not be taken lightly, as it carries harsh penalties. Of all the many different penalties that could result from a DUI conviction, the loss of your driver’s license has the potential to affect you for the most prolonged period. While a suspension is imposed, you cannot drive. If you get behind the wheel before your suspension period is over, you will face additional penalties. Losing your driving privileges can affect your ability to fulfill daily responsibilities and travel to essential places like work. Often, those facing DUI charges wonder how long their driver’s license will be suspended and how they can have it restored. Please continue reading to learn when you may get your driver’s license back after a DUI in New York and how a skilled Rockland County DUI Attorney can help protect your driving privileges today.

When Will I Get My Driver’s License Back After a DUI in New York?

The duration of your driver’s license suspension will depend on your age and whether this is your first or subsequent DUI offense. If you’re facing charges for a first-offense DUI and you’re over the age of 21, you will be subject to a six-month license revocation. If you’re facing charges for a second offense of DUI, you will be subject to a one-year license revocation. If you’re facing charges for a third or subsequent DUI offense, you will be subject to a one-year license revocation or possibly the permanent revocation of your license.

Upon conviction, the license suspension will take effect. Once your driving privileges have been suspended, you are prohibited from operating a vehicle until your suspension period has ended. It’s crucial to understand that your driver’s license will not automatically be reinstated once the period of your suspension is over. Instead, you will have to apply for reinstatement, receive approval from the DMV Driver Improvement Unit (DIU), and pay the reinstatement fee.

Who Qualifies for a Conditional License?

In some cases, you may obtain a conditional license that will allow you to drive to “essential” locations during your license suspension. This may include driving to and from work, doctor appointments, school, grocery store, etc. You must complete the New York Impaired Driver Program (IDP). If you violate the terms of your conditional license, it will be immediately revoked.

For more information about how you can restore your license after a DUI conviction, please don’t hesitate to contact an adept attorney from The Law Office of Carl Spector. Our legal team is prepared to provide you with quality legal representation.  to qualify for a conditional license