Illegal Search and Seizure

The Fourth Amendment guarantees that everyone in the United States is protected from illegal search and seizure. This means that, unless an officer of the law has probable cause or a warrant from a judge, no police officer can search private property, such as a person’s home or motor vehicle. If a police officer knocks on a homeowner’s door and requests entry, the homeowner has no responsibility to let that officer inside. To learn more about your rights as a private citizen, watch the video below in which criminal defense attorney Carl Spector outlines how homeowners can and should respond to avoid illegal search and seizure when confronted by police officers.

If the police come to your home and want to search it even though they do not have a search warrant, do not let the officers past the door. Do not let them search your home. You have no obligation to give them your consent. Even if they say that you have nothing to hide and have to let them search, you should respectfully refuse entrance into your home and ask them to leave and not come back. You do not have an obligation to allow them entry, and you even have a constitutional right that prevents unlawful searches and seizures of your home and property. This is one of our most important constitutional rights.

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